What motivates me to help people get stronger, become more mobile and restore balance in their body and mind?   

It’s a combination of things.

Firstly, I have practiced and explored movement ever since I remember myself.
I have taught movement for over 15 years. Movement and healing through movement are my greatest passions.

I’ve danced ballet until the age of 21, hold a comprehensive certificate in Pilates mat &apparatus and Yoga Vinyasa, (pre, post natal, hyper mobility and various conditions and injuries)  I often immerse myself in reading modern exercise science research, personal development books and follow top specialists in physiotherapy (I also hold a BSc in Engineering)

I own a Pilates studio in London for over 10 years and have been working with hundreds of students.

I believe that helping people do more of what they love more often is my mission for the rest of my life.

What else?

I love teaching, challenges and finding solutions to problems.

I love seeing people become  healthier, stronger and happier in any phase of life, and at every age.

I know that a physical change leads to other positive changes in life, And I feel blessed to take part in that process.

Why have I chosen to help people over the age of 40 to live a joyous, pain free life?

It has a special meaning for me.
After the age of 40 (and even earlier), investing in our body becomes a priority as it has a dramatic impact not only on our looks, but our mood and self-esteem.

I believe that after that age,

we have the right balance between courage and consideration, the maturity to live by our own values and priorities and fulfil our dreams.

A positive outlook on our future and a sense of self-efficacy helps us come closer to the person we want to become. That’s what I believe in and practice in my own life.

So why me? How can I help you change your body?

Firstly, I do it for myself.
I teach what I’ve personally done to overcome dance injuries,  created a movement routine that nurtures, strengthens and respects my body as it changes,  remain consistent through my training for 20 years, not reliant on high impact, high intensity workouts.

I have helped over 500 women, from athletes to women with back pain, scoliosis and other conditions and led them to life changing and long-lasting results through precise work and gradual processes. I teach daily and practice Pilates and Yoga.

For years I have learnt exercise protocols, studied the impact, analysed and defined a precise formula that is simple, fun and result driven, with emphasis on both effectiveness and safety.

I have made it my mission to make the process of training our body accessible to all and build confidence through learning how to move effectively, safely and precisely and with joy.

It gives me pure joy seeing people at any age embrace movement into their daily routine and make transformational, long lasting physical changes in their body and life

What other than body and mind training? I’m married to Danny, my rock and a mother to 3 energetic boys:

Adam, Ethan and Tom. I love spending time outdoor listening to self-development books
while moving my body and enjoying nature.

Let’s get going! Let’s meet our body exactly where it is right now care for ourselves and train intelligently!

Liron Kass