How many times a week should I practice Pilates?

Some women think that only by practising Pilates 2-3 times a week, they will enjoy its benefits.

That’s simply not true, and it can be very discouraging, especially as we are so limited with our free time, juggling work and other life demands.

We can enjoy the great health benefits of Pilates even from a single session a week.

A single Pilates session a week can help us maintain our muscle tone, particularly our core strength and stability,
relax our shoulders and neck, improve our back and hip pain, our posture, it can even reduce stress and lift our mood.

Without any doubt, Pilates is the best medicine our body can get,
and if I was forced to choose,I would choose Pilates over any other workout.

We don’t need to go to the gym or to the studio, we can get a great home Pilates workout
that uses an external force such as, gravity (our own body weight), small weights, pilates band etc that resists our muscles activity for the workout to be as beneficial and fun.

We have established then that we do NOT need to practice Pilates 2-3 times a week to reap the health benefits of Pilates.

But what is important that we do? 

  • We want to accumulate a minimum of 150 min of movement a week (and increase it gradually to 300 min). BUT we should remember that EVERY MOVEMENT COUNTS. Walk more, climb more steps, dance in the kitchen. Just move.
  • Walking is not enough. We must combine resistance training such as Pilates that tones our body and moves it in all directions.
  • We want to feel that the level of exercises suits us and that we experience a level of “effort” in the work

I invite you, not to give up on your Pilates training, even if your time is very limited right now.

I completely believe in you and in your success.
Let’s keep training intelligently,
Liron Kass.

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