…Notice your defined abs in the mirror and feel proud
…Jump out of bed effortlessly 
 confident about what the future holds for you and your body

Transform your body -

tone your whole body while keeping it supple and long, 
and enjoy ease of movement for many years to come, in our program:

Pilates Blast

In the ‘Pilates Blast’ program, I will guide you step by step how to build
core strength, tone your entire body, increase your flexibility and improve aches and pains, fastest than you have ever experienced before and with the least strain on your joints.

You will work with your body exactly as it is right now, create the right balance between your lifestyle and your goals and with the right amount of intensity and workouts duration.

You will discover and address any weak or tight areas, and enjoy movement without dreading a workout again

Increase your strength and flexibility dramatically, enjoy a strong, pain free body and do more of what you love doing for years to come, for women of all ages and all fitness levels.

What is the SPECIAL OFFER how to join?

How to join and get the special offer?

Pay only £24.9 today X 12 months 
1 payment of £249  (additional 17% savings)

(for joiners before 18/6)

A strong, pain free body is NOT a result of fast pace intense classes, expansive private sessions, good genes, luck or several hours of training every day which gets us only demotivated and bored

Women who enjoy a flexible, strong and pain free body for life learnt how to work with their body precisely.

I will be guiding you and supporting you through each one of the steps above so you can understand and implement in your own body and become stronger, more flexible and improve pain within months of training and for life

What’s inside the program ?

Pilates Blast is a progressively built video program with a personal ongoing support to each participant personally by Liron Kass.
The program is built in 6 unique phases that will guide you to work with your body exactly as it is right now.

Training your body is a very personal journey and so is your support from me

How is this program going to suit YOUR Body and needs?

You will get two assignments to complete via email which will be checked thoroughly by Liron Kass

I’m also offering very important and exciting

Bonus Material

Ultimate Pilates Library

to complement any training question or need that arises throughout our program

Pilates Foundation Course

6 in depth tutorials and practice sessions that will teach you all the secrets you need to know to succeed in your Pilates journey (previously called “Pilates Taster week”)

Bonus Q&A Monthly Live Session

to address any personal question, learn and be supported by other students in our community.

Pilates Blast Curriculum

6 phases, each phase offers:

• 4 x 15-20 min unique Pilates Flows
(Strength flexibility and toning)

• 1 Pilates Burn Flow
(Heart rate pumping, sculpting and balance)

• 1 Graduation Challenge

During each phase we will master how to use a different prop to mimic the work usually done on the reformer bed at home.

I offer modifications for the exercises for the total beginner or the more advanced.

We start with the Pilates Band. You will know how to execute each movement with proper form and alignment and will build mind and body connection. You will really know to call on the right muscle needed to perform each exercise. That knowledge will serve you as we move into the more challenging phases. The resistance band is meant to support your body as you build foundations of strength and flexibility specifically your core strength.

We use the Pilates Ball, we focus on activating and strengthening our core through instability and proprioception tools (our ability to know how to move without looking)

We use the Pilates discs to challenge the whole body using an unstable surface, we use compound movements to challenge our upper and lower body

We add the extra challenge of the weights to achieve a sculpting affect and building on the inner strength and proper alignment that we have achieved thus far to further challenge our bigger muscles.

We strip off all equipment and put our core muscles to the test, to get our body through a series of classic but dynamic Pilates flows

We use all of our previously used props for a full on, challenging and accelerated Pilates workout, the ball, the resistance band and the sliders.

Aimed to help you adjust the program to your lifestyle. You will get 3 different schedule options “I want my mojo back” “I’m a complete beginner” “I’m a busy bee” A schedule will help you stay committed regardless of how busy or experienced you are. You can do each phase for 2 weeks and complete the program in 3 months, however, you can choose to stay for longer in each phase or finish the program and start from the beginning and choose the more advanced options

What Happens once you join the program?

Upon Completion of the 6 Pilates Blast Phases You will –

What else will I give you as part of the Pilates Blast program?

From my heart to yours, it’s within your reach to transform your body,
get stronger, toned, become more flexible and improve any pains and aches regardless of how old you are. 

You can feel calmer, energetic and positive and have a positive outlook on your future.

Yes, you would need to learn how to move with precision,
you would need to curve in time for yourself for practice,
But all these skills can be learnt, 
you achieve your goals and to feel empowered to do more of what you love the most

“You will know there is a better way of life and how life can be better with Pilates.”

Who is this program for?

What students say about our programs…

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What is our SPECIAL OFFER ?

(For those who join before 18/6/22)

How to join and get the special offer?

Pay only £24.9 today X 12 months 
1 payment of £249 (additional 17% savings)  


For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me
Email: liron@restartyourbodyonline
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