Fit, Strong and Supple


… Feel proud when you notice your defined abs and sculpted body in the mirror

… Jump out of bed effortlessly, full of energy, and ready for whatever your day brings

… Move with ease, feel limber and calm

You can now transform your body and your core confidently from your own home!

Tone your whole body while keeping it supple,
tall, move better and enjoy a pain free life,
all of which is achieved with the right amount of creativity,
and ‘push to your own limits’ encouragement
that will make you crave movement
and never dread a workout again.  
For all ages and levels!

And where does it all happen?

In your home, from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
We will meet “live” for online group sessions regularly, either once or twice weekly based on your choice.

In Liron’s Weekly Online Classes


Get ready to activate muscles you never knew existed! 
Shake, lengthen and tone your body more effectively,
safely and faster than you’ve ever experienced before.

These are NOT your usual Pilates online group classes in which
it would be hard for you to follow the teacher and hardly get personal corrections…

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me – liron@restartyourbodyonline
Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7595670019

“The sessions not only change
and strengthen your body where you haven’t curved for decades,
but also change your whole outlook
and enthusiasm for life.
Puts the spring back into your step
because you feel so good."

Helen Mckenzie

These delicious top – quality classes are designed to
challenge your body while ensuring you will move with percision

You’ll get a complete balanced strength and mobility workout,
including some cardio, bone strengthening and a relaxed mind.
You will find a deeper connection with your body and will lose sense of time.


Recording for 30 days

Never miss a class again. Your session will be available for you for another 30 days to complete at your own convenient time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Unlocking your Body Potential

I will perform a personal pre - screening and will be available for any personal questions via email or after class.

Solid Technique

whether you are new to Pilates or just want to refine your technique, after joining, I will provide you with recorded tutorials that will make your technique shine and give you all the necessary knowledge that you require to practice (my students say these tutorials are fascinating too!)

And a special bonus worth £99!

Ease yourself into the practice
with a unique and comprehensive foundation course 
 in which I will guide you the principles to move better, break down the exercises, answer any individual questions 
The course will be given in 3 live meetings, attendance not necessary,
recording of the content will be available for 3 months. 
Available only for those joining until 25/1/2024

You will be joining me and a handful of people to the live classes each week

No more excuses.

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me. liron@restartyourbodyonline
Whatsapp:+44 (0)7595670019

Smart, Effective and Safer Movement 

When is this all happening?

Don't Pick Just One.

The schedule is designed for us to be able to practice
together 2-3 times a week and get the frequency that your body needs.
The classes are open for all levels. 
I am offering only a limited number of spaces to my live classes.
I’ve been fully booked in my studio for 3 years. 

Book Now and avoid disappointment

4 classes a month (any class)
Early bird registration @ £56 a month (standard price £64)


8 classes a month (any class)
Early bird registration @ £96 a month (standard price £112). 

(For an early bird price book before 28/8)

Early Bird Special Price Ends in

Offer has expired

Choose between 4 or 8 classes a month:
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Every week, you will participate in my online “live” classes and learn to move your body precisely.
You will not only strengthen and lengthen your whole body but also learn how to move effortlessly
in the other 23 hours of your day so you will transform your body and remain pain free for life.

“This is amazing! I feel my body getting stronger
and fitter from one exercise to another!
What I love best is Liron’s clear and warm explanations,
it honestly feels as if she is right there besides me
and not in the screen, to guide and encourage.

Tamar Zekbach

Pilates and Yoga might not be suitable for me.

“My tummy muscles do not exist”

“I’m not flexible enough”

“I’m overweight”

“I have no coordination”…

That’s a common misconception.

And that’s exactly what and how I will teach you personally.

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Email: liron@restartyourbodyonline Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7595670019

You will get recordings of each class,  in depth tutorials
(my students say life changing and fascinating) of
functional anatomy with clear and precise cues to pre-empt your possible mistakes,
modifications and personal live corrections.
This is how you get fast, safe and long-term results

“One of the best gifts I gave myself.
Liron is a top professional,
I could not believe Pilates online can be so thorough and effective.
It was even better than the classes I used to take in the studio.
My body changed dramatically
and I’m enjoying the process and the workouts.”

Maayan Lungman



You love Pilates and want to refine your technique or you are just starting out. That’s why in this class as we flow, we will use classic Pilates and Yoga positions and learn them at a slower pace and understand functional anatomy as we move.You will achieve increased flexibility, enhanced vitality, feel stronger and energised.


A whole body toning class, I combine the muscle lengthening, core targeting you love about traditional Pilates, combined with functional movements and Yoga transitions into fluid sequences. With just the right amount of intensity, creativity and encouragement, be prepared to work, see results, move better and leave feeling inspired to do more of what you love the most in life.

Choose between 4 or 8 classes a month
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Our body is not our partner
that we are mad with
for not keeping his promises.
Our body is more like our child.

If we keep score with our body, urge it, push it, force it,
over work it in order to get results, 
we will lose and so will our body. 

If our training program doesn’t work for our body,
we should consider doing things differently. 

It’s not about having bad genes or lack of discipline. It’s working with your body as it is now guided by a professional that will speed up your results, help you avoid injuries and motivate you. 
(I promise you, you have anything you need in order to succeed)

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Email: liron@restartyourbodyonline
Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7595670019

Who are these classes for?

Some believe that a strong,
toned body is a result of sweaty, intense sessions.

This is a common misconception.
In fact, a strong supple body
is a result of “laser-targeting”
the muscles we intended to train, not wasting time on useless repetitions
A strong supple body,
is a result of learning how to stabilise our deep core muscles and not only moving our legs and arms until we reach fatigue.
It’s a result of recognising and correcting faulty movement patterns that put strain on our joints, from sedentary lifestyle, injury to hyper mobility rather than re-enforcing them again and again in our workouts.
Regardless if our body is weak, tight or even sore right now,
this is how our body will soon enough become strong, toned and our movement becomes effortless.

Who am I and why me?
How can I help you
achieve your goals quickly and effortlessly?

My name is Liron Kass, nice to meet you! 
I have practiced and explored movement ever since I remember myself. I have taught exercise for over 12 years. Movement and healing through movement are my greatest passions.
I’ve danced ballet until the age of 21, 
I hold a comprehensive certification in Pilates Mat & Reformer, other apparatus and Yoga.
I keep myself up to date with latest exercise science research,  and follow worldwide specialists in physiotherapy.
I own a Pilates studio in London and in the last 8 years, I’ve been teaching full time.
I believe that helping people do more of what they love is my mission for the rest of my life.
What else? 
I love seeing people become  healthier, stronger and happier,
I feel blessed to take part in that process.
And why have I chosen to help women over the age of 40?
It has a special meaning for me. After the age of 40, 
investing in our body becomes a priority as it has a dramatic impact not only on our looks,
but our mood and self-esteem. That’s what I believe in and practice in my own life.
So why me? How can I help you change your body?
Firstly, I do it for myself. I have also helped over 600 women,
from Athletes to women with back pain, and led them to life changing and long-lasting results
I teach daily and I practice Pilates, Yoga and running.
I have made it my mission to make the process of training our body accessible to all, and build confidence through learning how to move effectively, safely and precisely.

I invite you to join me! It’s going to be worth it 🙂

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me
Email: liron@restartyourbodyonline
Whatsapp: +44 (0)7595670019

…and a little bit more about participants’ experience and results

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me –  liron@restartyourbodyonline
Whatsapp: +44 (0)7595670019