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The components that I’ve covered to achieve a precise, enjoyable, pain free
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Whether you are feeling stiff and ‘old’ and looking to improve your flexibility and eliminate pains or to sculpt and tone up, my goal is to teach you how to work WITH your body effectively and safely and adopt a fitness routine that is kind to your body
and highly effective at the same time.

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Individual Feedback, modifications and support

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I am Liron, your teacher for the week, it’s a pleasure to meet you

I have practiced and explored movement ever since I remember myself and have taught exercise for over 12 years.

I’ve danced ballet until the age of 21, and I hold a comprehensive certification in Pilates Mat &Reformer, other apparatus and Yoga and have specialised in Post Natal, Special Populations and Injuries.
I own a Pilates studio in London and in the last 9 years, I’m teaching full time.
I believe that helping people do more of what they love is my mission for the rest of my life.

What else?
I love seeing people become healthier, stronger and happier, I feel blessed to take part in that process.

So why me? How can I help you change your body?

Firstly, I do it for myself. I have also helped over 600 people,
from athletes to women with back pain, and led them to life changing and long-lasting results. I have made it my mission – to make the process of training our body accessible to all, and build confidence
through learning how to move effectively, safely and precisely.

I invite you to join me! It’s going to be worth it 🙂

“Keep exercising intelligently:
learn – understand – isolate – transform”

Liron Kass