A special online activity with Liron Kass

For women who are fed up with a more noticeable “middle age spread” or with feeling frightened of back twinges 

Stronger Core

for a toned look that supports your active lifestyle and your back, this year

Who would turn down the promise of sculpted abs?

This online activity is so much more. You will witness how exercise (done right!) can change how you feel and live your life –

A peek into the exciting results that wonderful women, just like you, have achieved in my guided along programs: 
Hold your head up. Even if you feel that you have tried and heard everything.. Join us. Take the control back over your body

…and the most important thing? You’ll feel so happy and proud of yourself that you have invested in your self and in your future

In practical terms - how does it work?

A day before the training starts, you’ll get a short tutorial to watch in which we will learn what can make every exercise we perform safer and more effective 

By learning to ‘target’ our deep ab muscles, we will transform any existing core exercise we are already doing to become so much more effective.  We will learn how to modify the exercises to our own body so we can build strength without putting strain on our joints!

Remove restrictions and imbalances in our back and spare our spine from excessive load,  prevent back pain whilst increasing the strength of our core

Core strength is so much more than “ab crunches”, it’s main function is stabilising the centre of our body. We will learn how to build up strength in the lower body whilst enhancing our core strength at the same time. 

To achieve maximum core strength, we will learn how to strengthen the upper part of our body without putting strain through our wrists and neck, improve our overall posture while sparing the spine from unnecessary load

You’ve made it! By this stage you’ll feel confident to move, activate your deepest core muscles, move precisely, effectively and safely and utilise every exercise to its full potential.
You will be invited to a live class and Q&A with me where I’ll meet you live, I’ll give you personal tips and you can ask me any questions that can help you progress faster. 

When and How?

£ 9
  • The activity will take place between 26th of February -1st of March 2024
  • One off payment only, no commitment
  • limited spaces available
  • Full Flexibility - content is recorded

A few technical details…

This unique recorded online activity is designed for a busy lifestyle. It will be running for 5 days between the 26/2- 1/3.
You’ll receive 6 recorded tutorials and 6 practice sessions. 

I’ll be available to guide you and answer your individual questions in our secret unique Facebook group
 until 5/3/2024 so you can catch up on the weekend too.

Bonus! We will meet live on Friday 1/3 at 09:30am UK, you will get personal feedback 
The live session will be recorded for those who will not be able to attend. 

Who is this suitable for?

 Fill out your details to sign up 

A few words about me...

I have practiced and explored movement ever since I remember myself.
I have taught movement for over 15 years. Movement and healing through movement are my greatest passions.

I’ve danced ballet until the age of 21, hold a comprehensive certificate in Pilates mat & Apparatus (pre/post natal, hyper mobility and various conditions and injuries) and a Yoga teacher.
I often immerse myself in reading modern exercise science research, personal development books and follow top specialists in physiotherapy
(I also hold a BSc in Engineering)

I own a Pilates studio in London for over 10 years
and have been working with hundreds of students.
I believe that helping people do more of what they love more often is my mission for the rest of my life.

I love teaching and finding solutions to problems.
I love seeing people become healthier, stronger and happier in any phase of life, and at every age.
I know that a physical change leads to other positive changes in life,  and I feel blessed to take part in that process.

What participants in my online activities say?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely.
Learning how our body works and how to move with precision is the foundation for training effectively for life. It will be suitable for any age and any exercise background, whether you have practised Pilates for years and want to brush up your technique or you are a complete beginner, you will learn something new that will help you achieve a stronger core.
We have our entire life to train and improve the way we move, it’s never too late to start.
However this program is not suitable for pregnant women and everyone must consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

The online format allows me to give you a “private session” which is much more beneficial than a random correction in a group class. My students say they feel that I’m in the room with them. You will get a thorough, detailed ‘walk throughs’ of every exercise before every practice session.   I have a vast experience in anticipating your mistakes and pre-empting you.
I teach you how to fish yourself rather than feeding you with fish.. (I’m vegetarian so perhaps tofu is more likely).
I want you to know how to move well in life 24/7 which is the only thing that will truly transform your body.
I am known for explaining things in a simple, clear way that a 7-year-old can understand. I don’t hide behind anatomical terminology.
I make myself available to answer your individual questions via our FB group or in our live session.

All sessions and tutorials are pre recorded so you can watch and practice anytime which is convenient for you.  You’ll get 1 tutorial and 1 training session to do every day. Most lessons are about 15 -20 min long so suitable for busy people. Also the live session will be recorded and sent to all participants. 

I don’t know what other online programs teach, but I can share the response I get from individuals who came to my programs: “I learned new things although I did Pilates for years, I finally understand things thoroughly and in a way that it’s easy to understand and implement” 
Regardless if you heard these things before, I will explain them in a way that you will be able to practise with precision, improve your core strength and get results. 

Yes, I do my best to innovate and continually create new content for my community. The last time I’ve run this fun Stronger Core activity was over a year ago (!) Many has asked and I agreed to run it again. I don’t know if and when I’ll do it again, so don’t miss out.
I create content based on questions and requests I receive, issues that arise from what we as society experience (such as working from home and sedentary lifestyle), to our ability to make ourselves available to learning and developing ourselves in the busyness of life. 

All tutorials and workouts are recorded videos that you can complete at your convenient time during 30 days after of the activity. The live session will be recorded and sent to you as well. I will be available for an extended time of 9 days after the beginning of the activity in our FB group and if needed, you will have the weekend to catch up on videos you might have missed. These videos contain valuable information, even if you end up doing only one session during this activity , you will return your investment three folds. 

We want to feel good in our body, feel proud when we look in the mirror and stop worrying about throwing our back out without any clear reason. For that, we need to stop momentarily and learn where the imbalances are, how to align ourselves better and feel how the right  exercises, done right, can immediately change how we feel! This all can be achieved within the short time of the activity, and most importantly – plant the seeds of change and the motivation to look after our body afterwards. 

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