Free Online Seminar with Liron Kass 16.1.24

Stronger Core for Busy People

that makes you feel strong, elongated and energised

A unique online seminar on how to strengthen our core muscles effectively, safely and get results this winter! Secure your free space here (for a limited time only, limited spaces available): 

I will teach you how to significantly strengthen your core using the intelligence of Pilates

Hi, Liron Kass here, I’d like to invite you to this special online seminar, in which I’ll guide you live the precise, research-based approach to strengthening our core muscles.

In this event, I will present the simple 3 training principles that will deliver unparallel results: feeling strong, elongated, energised and in control of our body. I will present the one component of training that is commonly forgotten that will transform our physical results and will also make us feel calm, enjoy movement and even crave it.

I will also demonstrate how we can put it all into a realistic training session as well as show you a recommended monthly plan (that I use for myself) that you can fit easily into a busy lifestyle.

                     What will we cover in our online seminar? 

In this unique online seminar, Stronger Core for Busy People,
I’ll share with you exactly what I personally do for myself and for my student and what I’d recommend you do.
I’ll remove any unnecessary noise, free you up from unneeded exercises, 
and will present you with a precise plan only with percise recommendations
that will make a real difference to how you move and how you feel in your body.   

I’ll show you how you can 
get more from your existing movement in life and in your training
and what are the effective exercises that will get you the best results and that you’ll enjoy and want more of.


When and How?

Free For those who sign up before the beginning of the event (access will not be given afterwards)
  • The online event will take place on 16th of January 2024 at 09:30am UK time
  • A recording will be available for those who book in advance
  • Location - your laptop/ mobile phone

A recording for this event will be available for those who sign up in advance. 
I recommend watching it live for free at the time specified above if possible. 
Please sign up ahead of time to avoid disappointment, signing up after the event has started would not be possible, 

In Practical Terms... what is this online event going to include?

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A few words about me...

I have practiced and explored movement ever since I remember myself.
I have taught movement for over 15 years. Movement and healing through movement are my greatest passions.

I’ve danced ballet until the age of 21, hold a comprehensive certificate in Pilates mat & Apparatus (pre/post natal, hyper mobility and various conditions and injuries) and a Yoga teacher.
I often immerse myself in reading modern exercise science research, personal development books and follow top specialists in physiotherapy
(I also hold a BSc in Engineering)

I own a Pilates studio in London for over 10 years
and have been working with hundreds of students.
I believe that helping people do more of what they love more often is my mission for the rest of my life.

I love teaching and finding solutions to problems.
I love seeing people become healthier, stronger and happier in any phase of life, and at every age.
I know that a physical change leads to other positive changes in life and I feel blessed to take part in that process.

What participants in my online activities say?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s suitable for an experience level and anyone above 16 (women and men).
Whether you have practised Pilates for years and want to refine your technique and become more efficient or you are a complete beginner, anyone who want to achieve stronger core effectively and safely.  

Core strengthening is so much more than ab crunches. Even if you were pregnant decades ago or never had kids, our body is changing all the time. It’s natural that we are frustrated and emotional when it comes to changes in the centre of our body. Our frustration can be an opportunity to learn how to approach things differently and make a real change. 
 Even if you didn’t enjoy training your core before or didn’t get results, by understanding what core is and how core muscles are different than other muscles in our body, a new world of possibilities will open up to us.
We will have clarity on what to do next, change your mindset and prepare the ground for new and important processes that will benefit you for years to come. 

A few things-

  1. I’ll make this topic clear, simple and structured.
    We are so overwhelmed nowadays by endless information, advice and tips – how to train our body,  what exercises to do and not to do… Hold on – What is right for us? What is true and what is false? how many times a week can we get results and how do we incorporate it all into the busyness of our lives?
    I will help you get rid of noise which will give you peace of mind. When we know how to approach things and in what order, it frees up a lot of energy and time which you can invest back into you and your goals.

  2. I will NOT talk about sit ups, high intensity training or Kegel exercises. Simply, as this is not the core of core training and does not support real life movement.
    I’ll explain how we can adapt our training and life routine based on modern science principles that is recommended by leading physiotherapist.  These principles will make us feel better, move better and will free us up from unnecessary load.

  3.  I have been teaching movement for over 15 years and have explored movement for over 25 years as a young dancer.  I will never push you to push your body into an intense, accelerated program or fool you into “do this exercise that will change your life forever”
    I will share only real life stories of journeys that used scientific research based principles, recommended by physios and sport medicine professionals. This is the safest way to learn, implement and maintain core strength and get solid, long term results. You’ll be working from the inside out while understanding the big why and enjoying the way although its obstacles. 

Yes, I make sure every online training I provide is different, I innovate and continually create new content for my community based on questions I receive, issues that arise from what we experience  (such as working from home, weather, stress levels, sedentary lifestyle). In this training, I go deeper specifically to how we can strengthen our core differently, effectively and safely in the busyness of life. 

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