Many women fear that Pilates might not be suitable for them

Many women fear that Pilates might not be suitable for them.

“My tummy muscles do not exist”
“I’m not flexible enough”
“I’m overweight”
“I have no coordination” …

Let’s shed some light on what to expect so nothing would stand in our way to achieve the results we want!

✯ Pilates is designed to strengthen your body exactly as it is now! Most of the exercises would be taught from the easier to the more challenging option. We could choose not to progress to the more advanced option but keep the pace with the rest of the class. An option, as its name implies, is just an option.

✯ Pilates is not only for dancers or athletes. It’s meant for everyone, regardless of their condition or injuries. If we have any specific weakness, e.g. back or neck, osteoporosis etc, we will ask and be given tailored modifications or exercises for our specific needs

✯ Pilates focuses on precision and effectiveness, so we will get very clear cues on the execution of every single movement, e.g. how to breath, how to organise our body, how to position the pelvis, what to visualise etc and if we don’t understand – we can always ask! Normally we wouldn’t do more than 10-12 repetitions in each exercise, as each one is laser targeting the right muscles and is so effective!

✯ When we are starting out, our core might not be strong enough or we can’t complete the number of repetitions, small accessories on the mat or large apparatus are used to support our body (think how babies use furniture when they start walking) and not only to challenge the muscles as some might think

✯Pilates as opposed to other forms of high impact exercise is going to leave you energised, rejuvenated and elongated as it is focused on teaching you to move effortlessly, gracefully and without pain. Your body will be challenged but nurtured rather than punished or forced to do something (you might not have to have a shower afterwards too … shhhhh :0)

✯ We will be taught the 5 basic principles of Pilates which are applied in every single Pilates exercise. These principles are what makes this method unique and effective.

The bottom line?

Curiosity, desire to move intelligently and persistence are the 3 key factors of success.

We don’t need any experience to start practicing Pilates!

Pilates with precise guidance will help us achieve our goals effectively and safely,

Keep practicing intelligently,

Liron Kass

By reading this, you have proven that you are willing to DO the work-
you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work at
the RIGHT time and feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100x.

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