Motivation and procrastination

“Motivation and procrastination have always been my issue.
I felt very emotional in our last live Q&A session. I don’t know why but I finally realised
I want to get back to where I was health and fitness wise at the start of the lockdown.It made me realise that I can.“

One of my students messaged me this week.

You might have asked yourself what happened in our live group session this week that my student realised she wants and can restart her fitness journey?

I want to tell you something from the bottom of my heart.
Many of us tend to think that there is someone else out there that gets it “right” without fail.
“That person” exercises regularly, eats healthily and their life runs smoothly without any waves.

In our community live chat we all realised that we experience similar challenges, injuries, self-judgment and goals.
We allow ourselves to run away with our thoughts most of the time, mainly with the criticism, “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t” ..

Perhaps instead of thinking that we need to “fix” something in ourselves,
that one day it will become easier to preserve and we will never procrastinate,
that one day we will be able to put up with our challenges, we could simply become more at ease with the fact that the “waves”,
the challenges, will be still coming and realise it’s the nature of things to start and restart again.

What is left for us to do perhaps is to let go (even a tiny bit) of the self-judgment and self-criticism.

When we do that, we make some room inside, we leave some spaciousness for ourselves to see the possibilities and our capabilities as happened to my client this week.

You can start again gently. With the emphasis on the word – gently, again, and again and again,
even if we need to do this a million times.

This is when we build true resilience We have our entire life to train and take care of our body.
Let go of whatever happened in lockdown or even this morning.
Remember that with every breath we have a new opportunity to start again. It’s never too late.

Let’s keep training Intelligently,

Liron Kass

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