6 myths about Back Pain – let’s get the record straight

I want you to live the best life possible!
If you have back pain or not –  we all want to be able to improve the quality of our lives by being able to do more of what we LOVE doing in life.
What’s life is for otherwise?

Whether you are not able to sit comfortably for long, have given up on your hobbies, travel plans,
back pain or just the thought of risking back pain is one of the most daunting, unexpected and
can have an emotional impact much greater on how confident we are in participating fully in our lives, regardless of its severity and frequency.

In this episode, I have told about my own personal experience with back pain and have given science research based, valuable tips that have worked for me and my students.
Understanding what myths we should stop believing  can not only reassure you
and take away the fear when pain occurs, but also help you deal with your back pain
when it happens and most importantly know what to do to avoid having it whatsoever long term.

This episode combines a very practical approach to create a physical change,
as well as impact our belief system so we can take important steps towards getting out of pain and back into your body.