Unlocking the Pilates Plateau

“Liron, I enjoy the classes but I feel that I still can’t do so many of the exercises…
Is it ever going to change?
My wonderful student asked me after 2.5 months of training.

I was so glad she did, as this is a common frustration after 3 months of training,
which has inspired me to record this episode.

Similarly to a toddler that absorbs new words months
before he or she is able to speak,
In Pilates, we learn a new movement literacy.

We don’t say to the toddler to give up on speaking –
we have the confidence that there is an internal process that occurs
that will lead to amazing results.

It’s not patience but an understanding of what is happening in our body
and how it works, that will give us the confidence to continue our training
, pay attention to the right indicators and make us feel reassured that
we are on the ‘path to success’.

These misconceptions are laid bare in this episode,
helping you understand the subtle, yet significant and possibly life changing transformations
triggered by Pilates in the first months of training.

The early enthusiasm of commencing on a fresh exercise regimen,
followed by doubt in its effectiveness can lead to frustration and confusion.

In this episode, ‘Unlocking the Pilates Plateau’,
I delve into an intriguing pattern that emerges during Pilates training
and I provide practical insights and solutions to help maintain
your ongoing Pilates routine feel reassured this path
is the speediest path to make a significant impact on your body