Stop being obsessed about touching your toes. Here’s why.

Some wonderful women and men think
that mobility is a prerequisite for taking Pilates and Yoga classes.
That’s an unfortunate mistake.
Mobility, our ability to move better and further in our joints, is a result;
it is not a given situation.

It’s a result of intelligent training and precise exercises
of our most important asset, our body.

A mobile body knows how to move freely, effectively and pain free.
A mobile body feels open, free, agile, bouncy and “moisturised”.
It allows us for example to sit easily on the floor, stand up and sit down back again.
A mobile body enables us to reach further, walk faster, lift more and feel
energetic for longer hours in our day.

It allows us doing what we love the most and
gives us the pleasure of spending time with our loved ones and take care of them
regardless of our age and for the long term,

and even if our body feels tired and very tight right now,
it will soon become energetic and mobile.

Mobility is not a result of having more massages, doing foam rolling
or performing painful stretches on the floor.
It is not a result of tedious classes or having better genes.

So what is it a result of?

It’s the understanding that our body,
like a suspended bridge above water
is required not only to be supple but also strong.

It is about improving our posture
as incorrect alignment restricts our joints and our ability to move freely
no matter how much we are going to stretch our muscles.

It is the understanding that
tightness of our muscles can be related to simply weakness
(a desperate attempt of our body to keep it stable although it’s weak)
and we should be focusing on strengthening that weak link rather than making it more “saggy”

It’s the strengthening our core muscles
as we might be moving from wrong places (e.g. lower back)
and without stability in our core,
the joints we want to free up (such as hips and shoulders) will not be moving well at all.

It’s changing our priorities –
Instead of focusing on how our movement looks (bendy as appears in social media)
and being obsessed about bending and touching our toes,
, we should focus on how we feel in our body
and learn to move healthy and freely within our joints

To put it simply – it’s precise, professional, focused practice
that respects how our body works,
and knows how to create a positive methodical impact,
access our core, move our joints well
and allow us mobility but also stability in our joints and our core muscles!

I invite you to create mobility in your body right now
through precise work, to focus, change your priorities and succeed!

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I believe in you!



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