You can stop looking for motivation to move. Motivation is fictional.

You can stop looking for motivation to move. Motivation is fictional.
Exactly right, it does not exist.
These days, when we are so overloaded with everyday tasks
and have to deal with very high mental, physical and emotional demands,
we should stop looking for motivation to move our body.
Even the most ambitious people you know can’t rely on their motivation
when they are exhausted (especially them!)
So, what can we do instead?
We can rest.
If you find yourself asking whether to push yourself to move or rest,
choose rest. Total rest.
Be permissive and not punitive –
We don’t deserve rest or food only if we ___(fill the blank “exercised”/” worked”/ “completed our chores”)
We deserve it on its own. No conditions.
We see rest as weakness, as unproductive.
Rest is NOT “not doing anything”.
It’s time when our body rejuvenates physically, mentally and emotionally and it’s an integral “doing” in our daily life.
⦾ We could have rest not only through sleep but also through a 20 min power nap, sitting outside our home staring and reflecting, playing with our pet…
⦾ Even a bit of rest can help our mood, our creativity, our problem solving, decision making, our ability to give others, strengthen our immunity system, lower our stress and inflammation levels and so much more..
And only when we feel refreshed,
we will find the urge to move again.
We are not going to push or rush our body.
When we are ready to go back to movement,
we will stay attuned with our body and start paying attention
whether the form of movement we have chosen brings us joy,
makes us feel more alive when we use our most beautiful vessel, our body.
When we move from a place of joy, we will move more,
and when we move more, we will feel less exhausted
and we will break the vicious cycle of exhaustion.
Keep training intelligently,
Liron Kass
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Try these moves before you leave your bed.
I hope that gives you a great start for your day!

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